Our Pastors

Pastor Samuel (PS)

I am an extremely blessed man. Growing up, pastoring was not part of my plans and I never saw myself as a pastor. I trained as a barrister and solicitor. Life was good, I enjoy my work as a solicitor in a legal practice and spending time with my family. I was happy with what I was doing in the church as an associate.
Then i received a call from the Lord which I did not anticipate. Towards the middle of 2009, it really felt that God was pulling me in a new direction. I prayed about it. On 20 April 2010, Pastor E A Adeboye announced that the church needed people to pastor one thousand new parishes in the UK. The Lord spoke to heart with the words, “That is what I want you to do.”
I was surprised by this call to serve as pastor. I had so much questions – Is this what I am supposed to be doing with my life? Am I really cut out for this? When I expressed my calling for the very first time, which was to my wife, the fact that she affirmed and encouraged me was very significant.
After much prayer and at the end of an especially meaningful retreat, everything was clear – I was going going to serve as a pastor. I had a calm assurance that was what I am supposed to do. God has called me and He will make it work.
I can honestly say, “I love what I do” -as a pastor at Shining Light Church. My vision is to reach out to those in need – people who have fallen or are hurting, hopeless and helpless, and be a blessing to them so they can be all God has ordained for them.
I am so passionate about my ministry. Being a pastor is interesting but also challenging. I find so much joy and fulfilment in my call. The Lord put a new song in my mouth and has backed me every step of the journey.
Since April 1993, I have been happily married to a great woman, Sandra. Together, we are blessed with four children (Samantha-Joy, Samuel-Masimba, Sophie, and Shiloh), and a grandson, Jeremiah-David.
I still practice as a solicitor. Juggling ministry with legal practice is made easier by having a great wife, an understanding family, and wonderful work colleagues.
Looking back, I truly believe that the Lord has prepared me for pastoring from birth – “He takes the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. I am so thankful for the honour of serving God’s people, and loving and caring for them.

Here is how to reach me:

Pastor Sandra Akpan

When I met Samuel Akpan, we spoke and dreamt about all the things we will do together. The only thing we did not speak about was being a pastor or pastor’s wife. In the middle of 2010, it became clear to both of us both that this was indeed the Lord’s plan for us and our young family.
We answered the call and became pastors at Shining Light Church. As a pastor, I preach, pray and care for the people and always keeping watch to see what the Lord will speak to me about His people. I carry the people of this congregation in my heart and always keeping watch to see what the Lord will speak to me about His people.
My mission is to engage, inspire, uplift, and empower people and see them rise to their greatest potential through practical application of God's Word in their everyday lives.
I have Bachelor of Arts degrees in Law (Westminster), and Social Work (Brunel). I am a qualified social worker and a registered manager in a supported living provision for people with learning disabilities. I am grateful to the Lord for His amazing grace to be able to cope with looking after my family, ministry, and profession.
My lifelong scripture for pastoring is 1 Thessalonians 5:24 (ESV) – “He who calls you is faithful; He will surely do it.
Email me: sandraakpan@hotmail.com