Jeremy Lin: ‘God Is Challenging Me!’


Jeremy Lin admits that his Los Angeles Lakers team are off to a tough start this season, but the point guard insists that God is using the sport to challenge him.

Lin, the 26-year-old Los Angeles Lakers guard, recently took to his official website to open up about his grueling Lakers season, but was hopeful for the team that had a new coach and a number of new players. In a personal blog post, Lin admitted that the season was hard for him thus far, but acknowledged that the ordeal was shaping him spiritually.

“Spiritually, I’ve really been challenged to seek humility even more each day. When life is tough, it forces me to re-evaluate everything and learn to depend on God more than I initially think I need to,” Lin wrote on his personal website, “God continually stretches me and challenges me through basketball, and Im just trying to live each day pleasing Him.”