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Jeremy Lin: ‘God Is Challenging Me!’

Jeremy Lin admits that his Los Angeles Lakers team are off to a tough start this season, but the point guard insists that God is using the sport to challenge him. Lin, the 26-year-old Los Angeles Lakers guard, recently took to his official website to open up about his grueling Lakers season, but was hopeful […]


10 Bible Verses for 2018

We’re just days away from welcoming in 2018, and for many of us, the New Year evokes a wide range of emotions: hope, expectation, excitement – and for some, anxiety and uncertainty over what the future will hold. While we don’t know what faces us in the coming year, we can take comfort in God’s […]


5 Million Join Jesus Parade

More than five million barefooted people joined a parade of a centuries-old icon of Jesus through Manila, the capital of the Catholic-majority nation of Philippines, on Friday ahead of Pope Francis’s visit. At least two died and 1,000 were hurt during the event. There were about five million Catholic devotees trying to get a chance […]